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  • Fitness Women

    Not everybody feels comfortable in the gym. Some feel like their local health club is more of a pick up joint where men and women are more concerned with their gym wear than their exercise routine! Feeling comfortable while at a gym is important, if you don’t feel at ease you really are not going to be getting the best our of your fitness program.

    With this in mind, many gyms, health clubs and personal trainers have facilities which are just for women. Whether it is a weekly class, a weights room or an entire gym, these locales provide a place where women can exercise in a space where they feel safe and comfortable. These women only gyms are often very friendly, non competitive environments.

  • What Results ?

    Women’s Health and weight loss differs from that of men’s. They way that women develop strength and endurance varies, and to reach your own health and fitness goals it’s integral to be working with a trainer that understands this. In a ladies only gym you will find that your program is suited to your own personal needs.

    If you are looking to lose weight you may find that a women’s only gym is more suited to you. Many ladies only fitness clubs also have weight loss support, so you can get that extra help along the way. Some will even provide meals plans. If you are unhappy with your current body shape then it can be very unnerving to be exercising in gym clothes in a unisex environment.

  • Local Fitness Women

    Right around Australia there are plenty of options for ladies only health and fitness. If you are already a member of a gym or are shopping around for one, ask if they have a women’s only room. This is a separate weights and cardio room just for the ladies. Of course, there are also gym franchises now that specialise in ladies only exercise.

    Many health clubs and gyms also feature classes that are just for women. They may be a group fitness class such as boxing or step aerobics, or a specialty class for pregnant women or new mums and their babies looking to exercise together.

    If you are looking for a boot camp program you can also find some now that only cater for women