Outdoor Fitness Programs for Women

Today more and more people are becoming fitness conscious and are taking to various modes of exercising. Women are also putting in conscious effort to have a healthy life, they also realise that fit is in and fat is out. Today obesity, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, stress and other obesity related problems are making life miserable for women. They all want to get rid of all these miseries and have happy, healthy and fun –filled life.

There are various exercise regimes both indoor and outdoor which can be followed to keep fit. Many health clubs are offering various packages which give excellent results, but all these are mostly indoor activities. There may be many women who do not enjoy confined environment but enjoy outdoor activities. For such ladies too there are various options which they may take up to keep fit ; such as cross country cycling, Hiking, swimming, triathlon, or simply walking or jogging. Outdoor exercising has its own advantages. You get to enjoy the beauty of Nature and also get some fresh air which is of utmost importance. You do not need to confine yourself or simply rely on some equipment; you get to do your own thing your own way.

Advantages of Working out Outdoors

Your stamina and level of endurance is increased manifolds as you get to face some real hurdles of Nature.  Exercising in open and fresh air is always thought to be the best way. You get maximum amount of oxygen outdoor which helps to burn out maximum fat and also help to keep you healthy.  Jogging and swimming are said to be the best form of exercising which help to burn calories as also help blood circulation; and if done outdoors gives maximum result as against treadmills. Working Out outdoors also helps in improving metabolism as you get take in maximum oxygen.

Let us talk about some common outdoor exercises

Jogging or Running

This is the one of the best form of exercising where you not only burn out fat but also tone up thigh and leg muscles. This is the best cardio exercise. You lose more calories than walking and faster.

 But some precautions must be taken especially for those who have knee or joint problem, or those who have heart problems. The point is to start of slowly and increase the intensity gradually over the days.


This is another cardio exercise which helps to tone up all your bosy muscles right from arms to legs and gives strong back muscle. This is best for people with high blood pressure, joint problems or asthmatic people. It also helps you to increase your stamina. Swimming has more pros than cons.

Other Outdoor Games

Like badminton, basketball, tennis etc. not just help you to keep fit but also help to reduce stress level as you get to interact with many people when playing.