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By: Adrienne Sheppard


This one is always a fun one to discuss!

Quite simply, Alcohol is your body’s preferred source of energy. This means that the energy that you consume from alcohol is first used by your body before any other. The down side to this is the fact that when your body uses up alcohol as a preferred source of energy, it will tend to store the other calories that you consume.

Therefore; it’s not the beer that makes you fat, but the nuts that you eat with it!

So, we are assuming that you may enjoy a drink. Which ones are the best selections?

1) Beer

Beer tops the bad list with approximately 140 calories & 8g of carbohydrates per average serve. Although one or two is not too bad, after having four beers two slices of take away pizza, you can see the calories may really build up!

2) Wine

There is not too much difference between red or white wine, both coming in at around 80 calories & 2-3g of carbohydrates per average serve. The unfortunate thing here is that the average serve is around 120ml & I know personally that my red wine glasses resemble fish bowls and hold A LOT more than that!

3) Spirits

These guys come in at the bottom of the list, therefore most preferred, at approximately 65 calories per serve and no carbs. Obviously the killer are the mixers as everything from coke to lemonade to orange juice is packed full of sugary carbs. The tip here is to use diet soft drink mixers!

Finally, if you consume alcohol do the following:
 Include AFD’s (Alcohol free Days)
 Don’t eat too much when you drink
 Do EXTRA activity to compensate for your alcohol consumption – 20mins walk followed by 6 sets on the Kangaroo Point stairs will compensate you ½ a bottle of red. That’s in addition to your regular activity plan!

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