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An Easy BBQ Breakfast
By: Adrienne Sheppard

An Easy BBQ Breakfast


If you enjoy your breakfast, however do not like to give up the great taste, you should try the following:


BBQ Breakfast


Separate your Egg whites, so for most people 3-4 egg whites will be satisfactory.  If you simply can’t stand the look of the whites alone, then just leave one of the yolks.


Stick ½ an avocado in a bowl & mix up into a paste, with some pepper added.


Fire up the BBQ & place your sliced tomato on the char grill area, add a small amount of olive oil to the flat grill plate & cook up your onions, drop a little garlic in them, & also add the mushrooms.


Remember the your Egg whites will cook very quickly, so have your piece of “Burgen” rye bread or sourdough in the toaster & ready to go.


Finally, add your egg whites to the flat grill.  Keep an eye on them as they can be sticky & messy if you don’t watch them!


Plate up your meal & enjoy!


The BBQ gives the tomato, onions, mushrooms & egg whites a great flavour, so you will literally look forward to a meal that is high in protein (egg whites) & is complimented with good fats (Avocado) and Low GI Carbohydrates (sourdough)



Added: 20-07-2011