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Boxing made Easy by Personal Trainers in Hobart
By: Joey M

Boxing is considered as one of the best exercises for both men and women by personal trainers around the world. Personal trainers in many countries agree that boxing not only increases strength levels but it also increases the agility of a person. Personal trainers in Hobart recommend boxing as a fitness sport to people who want to lose weight, tone their muscles or build up muscle mass.

Personal trainers in Hobart agree that not many women practice boxing as a fitness sport since boxing is basically considered as a man’s sport but personal trainers also agree that more women are joining fitness boxing after reading about the benefits of this sport. Personal trainers in Hobart also state that contrary to the popular belief boxing cannot make a woman build muscles since a woman’s body does not produce testosterone to build large muscles. Trainers also believe that women can especially benefit from boxing since boxing improves the agility of a person and it also improves concentration power.

If you are planning to start boxing as a fitness sport then chances are that you may be wondering what boxing is all about. Boxing sessions begin with a basic warm up session that consists of using the treadmill, cycle or jump rope to get the heart pumping faster. The main aim of warming up the body is to prevent cramps and other muscular problems that a person can face due to working out. Your personal trainer will be guiding you about the right way to warm up for the first few sessions.

After completing the 10 minute warm up session your personal trainer in Hobart will teach you to proper stance. Learning the proper form is very important since only with the proper stance can you deliver hard punches and build muscle. The first few sessions will be dedicated to teaching you the proper stance and after that your trainer will teach you a few basic movies. Two of the basic moves that you will be taught are the jab and the upper cut. After learning the basic moves you will be asked to practice these moves so that you have mastered them. After you have mastered the basic moves your trainer will teach you how to move your feet and use the basic moves to fight an opponent. A punching bag will be used in the place of your opponent for the first few weeks. Depending on the type of boxing classes you enroll for you may be taught advance moves that require fast hand and leg movement.

The last part to boxing is cooling down. The cool down session will consist of light activities that will help your heart rate come back to normal. The cool down session is very important and it is considered as important as the warming up session.

Since breathing deeply is an important part of fitness boxing your personal trainer in Hobart will also teach you the right way to breathe. He or she will teach you how to breathe while you are standing still, how to breathe while you are boxing and how to breathe when you are only using foot movement. You will also be taught controlled breathing so that you take in the right levels of oxygen and you exhale all the carbon di oxide.

Personal trainers in Hobart agree that in order to box well the client needs to focus on mastering the basic moves since all the advanced moves are basically complex variations of the basic moves. Personal trainers also agree that the right stance will help the person deliver solid blows to the opponent. By learning the proper stance the client can not only deliver a good blow but he can also improve his posture.

Boxing training sessions are usually held for 50 minutes to an hour but this again depends on the type of boxing training you have enrolled for. Lighter forms of boxing are usually taught in longer sessions and strenuous forms of boxing are taught in frequent shorter sessions. Each session will also be broken down into various parts so that you can get back your breathe and relax for a few minutes.

Added: 26-01-2010