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Carb Crazy
By: Adrienne Sheppard

Carb Crazy!


As many of you have experienced, carbohydrates are a great energy food.  Quite simply, you eat carbohydrates and you are able to go about your normal daily tasks & feel energized.  Most nutritionists will recommend a diet that is as much as 70% carbohydrates.


So why has our society gone absolutely carb crazy?


Everywhere I look; there are either low carb, or no-carb diets that claim amazing things.  In addition to this, we have “traditional carbohydrate foods” suddenly becoming low carb – bread, pasta & even chocolate!


On a recent trip to the states, most of my questions were answered; I saw massive signs above the 7-11 that advertised carb-free burgers and in the supermarkets even the bacon has a sticker on it proclaiming that it has no carbs!


If you have aver seen the bacon on the supermarkets in the US, you will understand me when I say that their bacon has very little meat, therefore if it has no carbs, there is only one main ingredient that it has left – FAT! 


Now, I am not sure about you, but I am pretty sure that bacon has never had any carbs, so why would they suddenly advertise the fact that bacon has no carbs?


Simple.  Their society, as ours, is currently brainwashed into believing that you can operate through life carb-free.  If I was selling books on the topic, I am sure that I could convincingly argue reasons for you to eliminate carbs completely!


However, I am not selling books on the topic, so I will give some useful tips instead:


1)            Carbohydrates are brain & energy food – You need them!

2)            Many individuals over consume carbohydrates & too many carbohydrates can make you FAT!


If you want to learn more about carbohydrates, simply contact Brad or 0412-999-656 to book in for a complementary Personal training session and you will leave enlightened with great new strategies and ideas!


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