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Don't Dump the Dairy!
By: Bronwen Edwards

Many “diets” restrict dairy products for their reputation as being high in fat.  We all know fat is something you need to cut down on when you are trying to lose weight. However, research shows that calcium can not only make your body burn off fat but the fat you eat with foods high in calcium actually passing straight through you so the calories simply do not count!


Calcium clings to the fat inside your intestines and together calcium and fat form a “soap-like” substance that cannot be absorbed so it passes out of your body.  Whilst the amounts of fat passed into the toilet this way are small they do add up.  Over 12 months on an increased calcium diet, the calories lost can be equivalent to 3.5 kgs of body fat.  That’s more than half a stone with no need for reducing calories. 


The second calcium effect is on metabolic rate with calcium assisting in keeping the fat burning machinery in your fat cells going at a higher rate.  Whilst you can get calcium from many sources other than dairy, the calcium weight loss studies have shown dairy products seem to be the most effective.  This is believed to be related to the chemicals in the liquid part of the milk (the whey).  In addition to its weight loss effect, calcium is essential for counteracting osteoporosis with the recommended daily intake being approximately 1000mg per person (varies for children, and breastfeeding). 


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Added: 13-05-2011