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Measure of Success
By: Adrienne Sheppard

Measure of Success!


There are various methods we use to determine our success rate on any given task.  If we are talking about putting on a dinner party, then you may suggest that your measure of success may lie in your ability to successfully co-ordinate & present the meal exactly the way you had planned, alternatively, your ability to tell a joke may be measured by the response of those that hear it…did they laugh?


Body fat presents a very interesting scenario.  There are so many measures of success!  For one, we have the dreaded scales, that, depending upon the time of day & what you have eaten / drunk & how much activity you have done, they may vary dramatically.  Followed by the tape measure or those famous skin fold calipers that tend to never lie!  More recently, there have been some funky new scales created to calculate everything you need to know about your body fat, and more!


However rather than getting caught up in numbers and percentages and the latest body fat scale, there is an easier way.   Test yourself with your favorite pair of jeans.  Now, you know the ones, the jeans that when you are just carrying that little bit extra, it’s a squeeze to get in.  However when you are in the shape you are happy with they just fit like a dream!


Losing body fat is not rocket science.  Very simply, you need to expend more energy (through exercise) than you take in (food).  Now to refresh your memory:  Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore if you are exercising and not changing on the scales (as we often see with people), you can suggest that you are gaining muscle.  Muscle is critical as it speeds your metabolism up and makes your body a fat burning machine when combined with the most appropriate cardio program.


Therefore your strategy is as follows:


1)            Consistently do your strength training & cardio program;

2)            Get out your favorite pair of jeans as your measure of success, and

3)            Based on the outcome (of the jeans) have your training program tailored to suit.  Not the jeans tailored to the new shape…unless it is less of course!


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