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My Story on Core Strength or lack of!
By: Caroline Baulderstone

Being a mum of 2 young children, I too did not realise the importance of continual core strengthening.

Thinking I had it mastered, I trained hard and competed in the City2Surf, Bridge Run and a Half Marathon in 2010 with a lot of running and little core strengthening, only to find myself injured due to lack of core strength and pelvic instability!

Having to start back at the beginning, I learnt that regardless of your fitness level, core strength and correct pelvic alignment are one of the most important areas to build from.

Without it, especially after childbirth, our bodies will at some stage no longer be able to cope with the pressures we place on them.

Regardless of fitness level, we all need to develop our core strength and stability before anything else, to ensure we remain healthy and injury free.

Now, with a solid background specialising in core strengthening and overall body fitness, I have worked hard to rebuild the fitness of mums and their partners along with my own fitness back after 2 children.

I have a great understanding, knowledge and experience with people at all levels of fitness to teach them the importance of core conditioning and strengthening for regaining our bodies back in shape without injury.

Added: 01-10-2011