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No More Lies! The 7 Truths About Getting In Shape.
By: Fite n Fit Personal Training

No More Lies! The 7 Truths About Getting In Shape.

It seems these days there is great confusion within the population as to how to stay in shape. In this report you will learn that to get and stay in shape requires commitment, consistency, dedication and most of all determination. Forget the crash diets you see advertised and the starved models promising unrealistic results in breakthrough time.
These are the facts on how to stay in shape. You'll learn that there is no “easy fix” to great health and well being. I hope you enjoy.
Train hard and be healthy.

Kris Ashton

1. Remember what you eat generally represents what you look like. Nutrition is at least80% of the battle when it comes to weight loss and management. So if you're someone who's trying to lose weight but keep eating the wrong foods you're fighting a never ending battle. You must be consuming a healthy diet consisting of fresh green vegetables, low G.I carbohydrate, essential fats and lean protein. This diet must also consist of less calories then you'll be using as energy through out your day. This is the simple equation of “Energy In vs Energy Out” it's not rocket science.
2. To get and stay in shape you must exercise. This doesn't mean you exercise every nowand then but instead consistently. The amount and intensity of the exercise will be dependent upon your ability and your chosen goal. The only thing that I believe should be the same for everyone is that they work at the best of their ability. Great results don't come easy and remember practice makes perfect.
3. I believe when it comes to a healthy weight you must have balance in your diet and in you life.By this I mean you need to be able to enjoy some of the “naughty things in life” e.g. junk food and at the same time balance these higher calorie foods with more exercise. If you find you over eat and don't exercise on the weekends then you need to counter act or balance this out with eating less calories from clean healthy food and perform more exercise through out the week. If you stick to these guidelines you'll be successful in keeping your weight under control.
4. The human body is a very complex organism that runs on many different systems. It's
because of the bodies intelligence it's able to adapt to virtually any situation you place it in.
In knowing this we must be constantly challenging the body when it comes to our exercise. If we continue to stick to the same exercises for too long our body adapts to it and in turn we plateau.
Generally when people hit their first plateau they give up. What they really need to do is to change their training so their body is once again it’s taken out of its comfort zone and challenged to adapt to the new environment it being placed in.

5. To get in shape and to stay in shape requires commitment. Commitment not only to your diet but also to your training. As I believe it's very important to have balance in your diet I also believe it’s important to be clear on your fitness goals. You need to have a clear picture of what it is you're trying to achieve or you'll end flying blind, eventually failing to achieve the results you were after. You need to enjoy your exercise to get the best results. If you're someone who's looking at competing in a triathlon but you don't enjoy aerobic exercise you're probably chasing the wrong dream.

6. I believe that when it comes to successful weight loss, weight management or generally improving your fitness, health and lifestyle you need some kind of support network. It's important to have your family and friends behind you in your quest to improve your health and fitness. It's this support that will help you stick to the game plan. Another great means of support and guidance is to hire a personal trainer. By having a pt you'll be constantly motivated, educated and encouraged to stay on track. Its one thing being able to push yourself with your training but having a personal trainer will lift this to a whole new level.

7. Last but not least I believe it’s very important to believe in yourself and in what you're trying to achieve in your life. I know that many overweight people fail to lose the weight they need to as they really don't believe in themselves. Now I know that these people generally have lower self esteems because of being overweight but they really need to believe in their abilities to conquer their weight loss. Once you find that confidence you'll be able to stick to the plan as you'll continually see results from the changes you've made. Before you know it you'll of achieved the body of your dreams and your confidence and self esteem will be through the roof.

Added: 08-09-2011