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Portion Control
By: Adrienne Sheppard

Portion Control


Ever noticed how the serving size of Snickers bars, Coke and Popcorn are simply getting bigger and bigger?  We have to contend with “Big Gulp”, “King Size” and “Super Summer Size” creations of junk food.  The worst part is, we actually go for it!


Whether you eat these foods or not, is not critical, but you would have to agree that generally speaking we are eating massive amounts of food.  Probably more food than we actually need to sustain us.


At home we are faced with cooking a little too much pasta with the evening meal.  The end result is you continue to devour all of it!  Because you do not want to waste any…do you?


Lunches are the same.  A great plate of teriyaki chicken and rice followed by an orange juice has you full to the brim, but you paid the $7.90 for it so it may as well not go to waste!


Get serious about the foods that you eat!  Have a good hard look at the foods you eat on a daily basis.  Are you eating more calories than your body really needs?  If you are, then its time to make a couple of changes!


Here are some tips:


1)            Cut the size of you dinner in half.  You would be amazed how little calories are required to watch, heaven forbid, Home and Away!

2)            Do not miss meals.  Half the reason for the bigger lunch or dinner is that you had worked yourself into starvation mode.  Don’t let this happen.

3)            Rather than making a huge pasta dish, put so many vegetables in so you can hardly see the pasta!

4)            Be happy to simply graze the whole day.  Eat smaller meals more often.  If you are getting hungry, that’s great, your metabolism is increasing.  Just be sure to keep grazing!


Still confused?


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